St. Anne's Church, a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana, welcomes all people. Our worship of God follows The Book of Common Prayer with the Holy Eucharist (Communion) as central to our worship.

Interested in Membership?

Please make yourself known to our priest and fill out our guestbook found next to the name tag table in the entrance area. On Sundays, our Greeters are available at the entrance to the church.  After worship, they can be found in Rose Hall to answer questions and provide information to visitors.

Ready to Join St. Anne's Church?

For those who have never been an Episcopalian or have never been baptized, we offer newcomer classes annually. Newcomers are then baptized and/or confirmed by the bishop at a special service. Baptisms take place on five feast Sundays throughout the year.

If you are an Episcopalian, please request that your Letter of Transfer be sent to St. Anne's Church from your former parish. The Parish Administrator will be pleased to assist you. To become involved in parish activities, e-mail us at

Membership Requirements for Weddings and Baptisms

Those who wish to be married in St. Anne's Church must have been a member of St. Anne's Church for at least one year, or must be the child of one who has been a member for at least one year.

Those wishing to have their children baptized should be members of St. Anne's Church. Baptisms are celebrated only during regular church services on the following Feast Days: January - Baptism of our Lord, March/April - Easter Vigil or Easter morning, May - The Day of Pentecost, November - All Saints' Day and the Bishop's Visitation.