Youth are encouraged to participate in the liturgy by serving the clergy and congregation during worship services. They do this by lighting candles, carrying the torches in the processions in and out of the church, as well as serving at the altar. This opportunity to serve is open to children ages 8 and up. If your child would like to serve, please speak with Carol Bianchini for information about training and vestments.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares the altar for all liturgies, including weddings and funerals. The Guild members lovingly care for the linens and silver and insure that the altar is set up properly for the liturgies. If you would like more information about serving the church in this ministry, please call the church office:  574-267-6266.

Chalice Bearers

Serving the wine in the chalice during the Holy Eucharist is the role of the Chalice Bearer.  If you serve as a Chalice Bearer, you may sit with your family during the service until after the announcements and Birthday and Anniversary Prayers are said. You then come forward during "The Lord's Prayer" to the Altar for the Communion preparation and administration. After Communion is completed, you return to your pew. Please note: Chalice Bearers currently do not process into and out of the service, nor do they wear vestments. If you would like to be trained to serve as a Chalice Bearer, please call the church office: 574-267-6266.  


You must have been baptized and confirmed in order to serve as the Crucifer. The Crucifer carries the Cross during the processions into and out of the service, and also serves the clergy at the altar during the service. If you would like to serve in this role, please call the church office: 574-267-6266


The role of the Greeter is to welcome all as they enter the church on Sunday mornings. If you notice newcomers, invite them to sign the guestbook, offer to show them where to find things in the church and extend an invitation to them to stay after the service for Hospitality Hour.  If you would like to serve in this ministry, please call the church office: 574-267-6266


Lectors participate in the worship services by reading the appointed Old or New Testament lessons. Lectors are assigned to read on a rotational basis. There are periodic lector training sessions. At certain times during the liturgical calendar year, the lectors may also read the Psalm. Lectors may also be scheduled to read the Prayers of the People. To sign up for this ministry, please call the church office: 574-267-6266


Ushers arrive early before their scheduled service to check the condition of the pews and church. They stand at the door way and hand out the service leaflets as the congregants arrive. If the church looks like it may be nearing capacity, they bring in additional chairs from Rose Hall to set up in the rear of the church, or direct folks to the balcony for additional seating capacity. They assign volunteers to be Gift Presenters during the service. They remove and replace the kneeling cushions, help to pass the offering plates, and release each row to go forward for Communion. If you would like to serve as an Usher, call the church office at: 574-267-6266.

Altar Bread

If you are interested in providing Altar Bread for our Eucharistic Services, please talk to Scott Bianchini 551-1566 or Deb DeMuth 267-5314. We will arrange for bread making training. 

Linen Ministry 

These are people who wash, iron and care for the holy linens we use each week at the Eucharist. This is a peaceful ministry you can do on your own at your own home. Scott Bianchini and Deb DeMuth are the Altar Guild co-directors.  See them if you are interested in helping.

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