Prayer Blanket Ministry

Prayer Blanket Ministry is carried out by a group of ladies that gather together to cut and sew each blanket. The blankets can be found in the gift counter in Rose Hall. If you know of someone who is ill or in need of healing, you may choose a prayer blanket, fill out the request form with the person’s name that is in need of prayers of healing, plus the prayer concern and your name as the giver of the blanket. Before the service in which the blanket is to be blessed, either give the blanket to an Altar Guild person or an usher to set out for the service. The blanket will be blessed and prayers of healing will be said by parish members on behalf of the person to whom the blanket will be given.

Currently Marla Norris is the coordinator of the Prayer Blanket Ministry.  If you are interested in helping with this ministry, please call the office at 574-267-6266.

Prayer Blanket