Sewing for Hope is presently on hiatus, as we look for a new coordinator.

The sewing group called “Sewing for Hope” generally meets once each month during the school year at St. Anne’s. We sew simple dresses for the children supported by the Tumaini Fund. These new and colorful dresses bring enormous joy to the orphan girls of Northwest Tanzania. Proudly wearing their new dresses, these girls are now eager and willing to attend church and to go to the market. Without decent clothing, these children won’t attend church as the feel they are dishonoring God by wearing ragged clothing in church.

We are told that it is extremely meaningful to these little girls (most of whom have lost both parents to the AIDS crisis) to know that some special person far away cared enough about them to hand sew a dress especially for them. Indeed, each dress is sewn with love and prayers for the little girl who is to receive it in Africa.

The dressmaking is happening in several other Episcopal churches as well as participants in Vancouver Island, Massachusetts and Colorado! As of August 2013, we estimate that more than 1,500 dresses have been sent abroad to bring love and joy to the girls.

Volunteers are always welcome and you don’t need to know how to operate a sewing machine to join us! Cutting out patterns, sewing on buttons, ironing fabric are all simple tasks where help is needed. If you would like to join our Sewing for Hope group at St Anne’s or if you would like to donate fabric.