Make a Gift

Giving happens in many ways. We all strive to give of our time, talent AND treasure. Giving this way helps us to grow closer to God, and strengthens our church family.

Here are some options for making a gift:

Give Now

Make a pledge for 2020, ACH giving is available.
Make a gift in memory of someone
Make a gift for a designated program, project or mission

Give Now and Receive Income

Did you know that you can make a gift to the church AND receive income from that same transaction? This kind of gift can be a blessing for folks who have assets like CDs or Stocks or Bonds that are not producing the kind of income you need to have a higher quality of life, especially with interest rates so low. Here are three different ways you can give some of those assets to the church now, and create a stream of income for yourself! These types of gifts can also provide you with ways to save on your income taxes or protect you from Capital Gains taxes! Before making any of these types of gifts, you should speak with your CPA or your attorney to see which type of gift makes the most sense for you and your financial situation.
Charitable Gift Annuity
Charitable Remainder Trust
Charitable Lead Trust

Give Later

Lots of parish members feel more comfortable giving through a gift in their will or their estate plan. Obviously, these gifts happen at the end of your life. These gifts can be in any size and can be made in terms of a specific dollar amount or a percentage.
Gift in your Will
Gift of Life Insurance
Gift from your Retirement Account, 401 (k) or Pension Plan.