The Nursery is located to the left as you enter the church’s main doors, just past the coat rack in the foyer area. The Nursery is staffed with two adults at all times, for the safety of our youngest family members. Children of pre-school age and younger are welcome to use the Nursery during services.

There is also a diaper changing station located in the Nursery, for parents of children still in diapers.

Children who are Kindergarten age and older are welcome to attend the liturgy with their families. We believe that all should hear the Good News. Knowing that it can be difficult for younger folks to stay quiet and engaged during an hour long service, we have provided Activity Bags for all young children to use. These bags are located in the wooden box in the Foyer. Please take one with you into the church, and then return it after the service is over.

Safeguarding God's Children Nursery Procedures

The Church is called:

● to receive, nurture and treasure each child as a gift from God,

● to proclaim the Gospel to children, in ways that empower them to receive and respond to God’s love,.... (from Children’s Charter for the Church)

The following procedures, from Safeguarding God’s Children, more clearly define behaviors and practices that allow St. Anne’s adults to more fully demonstrate their love and compassion for children and youth in sincere and genuine relationships. They are adopted to help St. Anne’s create a safe place for children and for those who minister to them.

Nursery Supervision Procedures

Personnel : Only screened personnel and volunteers may work in the Nursery, and there must be two unrelated adults present. At least one person must be trained in Safeguarding God’s Children. No one under the age of 15 may work in the nursery without adult supervision. Unscreened friends or family members may occasionally visit the nursery, but do not count toward the required number of adults and may not exercise authority. All volunteers who are in the nursery more than 3 times per year must be trained in Safeguarding God’s Children.

Coaching and Feedback : The Christian Formation Committee ministers the Nursery Program at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church. Members of the Christian Formation Committee will conduct coaching visits to the nursery. The purpose of the visits will be to observe that the procedures for Safeguarding God’s Children are followed and to insure consistently safe behavior and interactions with children.

Ratio in the nursery: There must be two adults present in the nursery at all times and the acceptable ratio is one adult to five children, for children ages 1-5. If infants less than one year are present, the ratio should be one adult to three infants.

Physical Environment : Paper, foil, or decorations may NOT be placed over the door window. The nursery room door must remain open anytime there is temporarily only one adult with the children and never for more than 3 minutes.

Bathroom Procedure : Children age 4 and over may use the bathroom in the nursery with an adult standing at the door to provide verbal assistance. When it is necessary to assist a small child with bathrooming, the adult will assist the child in full view of the other adult. Diaper changing will be done at the changing area table and within view of the other adult in the room.

Releasing Children from the nursery : Children will be released from the nursery only to their parents, legal guardians, or those designated by them.

Reporting Concerns: Concerns about the nursery program or regarding a child attending the nursery program should be reported to the Clergy or the Senior Warden.

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