Toward More Productive Communication Workshop

Sat, December 14, 20199:30 AM - 2:00 PM

"Conflict within organizations is a normal part of the process of working together." ----Education for Conflict Resolution.

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Families are known for communication breakdown and issues. Our church family is no different. We see people come and go and we don't always know why. This speaks to the need for better communication and conflict resolution. St. Anne's is offering this workshop to improve communication especially as we reflect and prepare for the birth of Jesus.

"The focus of this workshop is on improving communication skills through increased knowledge and practice. Improving these skills, along with understanding ones own personal style and the styles of others, allow people to experience productive outcomes in their personal interactions. This promotes collaborative problem solving and produces effective communication and ultimately, conflict resolution." Education for Conflict Resolution

Presented by: Education for Conflict Resolution, a non profit organization located at Manchester University

  • Date:        SATURDAY, Dec. 14
  • Time:        9am to 2:30pm
  •                 .5 hour lunch break with meal provided
  • Location: Rose Hall, St. Anne's Episcopal Church
  •                 424 W. Market Street
  •                 Warsaw, IN 46580
  • Register- Toward More Productive Communication Workshop 

There is NO CHARGE for this workshop.                                                                                 All Materials will be provided