A Letter from Fr. Ryan Fischer, Rector

Welcome to the Website of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church!

On behalf of the congregation and myself, I offer greetings in the Name of our Crucified and Risen Lord, Jesus Christ. If you are looking for a friendly, welcoming place to worship, please consider joining us on Sunday mornings. Services are at 8 and 10:15, with the early service offered as a spoken, contemplative form of the Holy Eucharist from The Book of Common Prayer (Rite I), and the later service incorporating hymns and musical settings of the Holy Eucharist using The Hymnal 1982 and The Book of Common Prayer (Rite II). Refreshments are served following the 10:15 service, which is also a time for fellowship and Christian education. Also following the 10:15 service every second Sunday of the month is a brief healing service, with laying on of hands and anointing for anyone wishing to receive.

If you are unfamiliar with the Episcopal Church, you will find that, like all Christian churches, we are grounded in the good news of Jesus Christ. We believe that the grace, forgiveness, healing, and liberation contained therein is to be proclaimed in word and deed by all who gather in his Name. Historically, we trace our roots back to the earliest Christians who first received the Gospel in the ancient Mediterranean world nearly two millennia ago, as well as to the English Reformation in the sixteenth century; thus, we preserve the historic character of the Christian faith through proclamation of God’s Word, the Liturgy, and the Sacraments, but without an absolute earthly authority on matters spiritual, theological, or personal. One way this has been articulated is by saying that the Episcopal Church is “Protestant, yet catholic,” or as a “middle way” within the spectrum of Christianity.

And if you have never stepped foot in an Episcopal church before, please do not worry – only about one-third of us are lifelong Episcopalians (including me). The remaining two-thirds joined the Episcopal Church for a myriad of reasons, and, by coming to St. Anne’s, you might just find a few of them out. As you browse our website, you may note the various ways in which we serve those both inside and outside our circles, as well as areas in which you could get involved; indeed, there is surely a place for you at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church!

Thank you for visiting, and God’s blessings be with you now and always…

Yours, in Christ,

The Rev. Ryan Fischer, Rector

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